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Improve Your Chart Reading Skills

Note to self… buy this book, and improve your chart reading skills. by Malcolm Rosenberg, RN with the help of: – I. Wright Badlee, MD – Hugh Kant Reed, MD – Ida Cypher Scribbles, RN $3.95 I have dealt with charts every single working day for the past fifteen years. During that time, it always […]

Simplified Ventilators

A very brief and complete explanation of mechanical ventilation. by Malcolm Rosenberg, RN | Illustrations by Scott Brown $7.95 About eight years ago, I worked on a monitored pulmonary floor that had four ventilator beds. My formal training was minimal, so I learned on the job, as best I could. As a beginner, I asked […]

Simplified Arterial Blood Gases

Typically, blood gases are taught by having students memorize relational statements like this one, “If the pH is low and CO2 is high, then the condition is …” This is a quick and easy method which is usually as quickly forgotten as it is learned.

Viagra Simplified & Other ED Medications

“When everybody was telling Viagra jokes, I felt the impulse to write a book explaining the subject.” by Malcolm Rosenberg, RN & Ralph Zagha, MD $7.95 I never said Viagra® was as important as arterial blood gases, heart sounds, hemodynamics or any of the topics covered in my nursing books. But the inspiration was the […]