by Malcolm Rosenberg, RN & Steven Cohn, MD

Cardiac Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology ... together in a 92 page cartoon format.

When I was in nursing school, we were given a long list of cardiac medications and told to put each one on a 3x5 card with its generic name, trade name, classification, adult dose and side effects. That memorization process was how we were supposed to "learn" cardiac medications.

This book "Simplified Cardiac Medications" delivers understanding not memorization. There are plenty of other reference books available to look up loading doses and onset, peak and duration. That stuff - while obviously important - would detract from the reason for this book which is to help you understand how cardiac medications work. And, believe it or not, understanding is easier than memorization!

Cardiac physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology all cover the same ground but from different perspectives. Usually this material is taught in three separate classes. We thought that it made more sense to discuss heart function, disease and medication together in one book.

For simplicity (and even enjoyment), most of the material is presented in cartoons which have been verified for accuracy by a cardiologist. It should take you about two or three hours to read this book, and when finished you will have absorbed the academics of the medication side of cardiac nursing.