by Malcolm Rosenberg, RN & Steven Cohn, MD

Don't let ICU Nurses bamboozle you.
Hemodynamics are simple.
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For the beginning or moderately experienced ICU nurse, there is no better explanation of Hemodynamics. Is that claim outrageous? Consider the following:

  • Authored by a board certified cardiologist (for accuracy) and a nurse educator (for clarity).
  • Subject is covered in 56 illustrated pages, with brief, easy-to-understand explanations.
  • One simple diagram (below) is used throughout the book to illustrate normal heart function, and 11 states of cardiac and vascular disease.
  • There is no assumption of previous cardiac knowledge or experience.

This book will prepare you to pass the hemodynamic section of hospital ICU tests
and to answer related questions during the interview with your nurse manager.

This schematic drawing of the
heart and lungs is used to explain
the hemodynamics of the normal
heart and 13 disease states.

You may not understand
hemodynamics now but this
drawing will make it easy
for you to grasp.