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Simplified Cardiac Medications

When I was in nursing school, we were given a long list of cardiac medications and told to put each one on a 3×5 card with its generic name, trade name, classification, adult dose and side effects. That memorization process was how we were supposed to “learn” cardiac medications.  

Simplified Heart Sounds

I saw the need for Simplified Heart Sounds when I was studying for the CCRN test. Having worked in ICU and studied critical care I was generally familiar with the cardiovascular system. But questions on heart sounds stumped me. I just couldn’t absorb the facts of heart sounds. That dilemma inspired this pamphlet.

Simplified Blood Clotting

You already have a good idea of the things blood does. You know red blood cells deliver oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. And white blood cells fight infection. To reach all 6 trillion cells, blood vessels have to cover a lot of distance. Our vasculature, the highway of our blood is 60,000 miles long. If […]