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    Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
    –Albert Einstein

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Simplified Nursing Books

We’ve created easy-to-read books that deliver the fundamental concepts of nursing in a conversational tone you can actually understand.

By a Nurse, for Nurses.

Malcolm Rosenberg, RN, served as a nurse in many different areas of medicine before applying his experience towards nurse education.

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OUR APPROACH: How many times have you struggled to learn something. It can happen in a classroom, with a textbook, on the job, in a seminar, or even in your home when you want to reset the clock on the microwave. Then, suddenly you get it! You slap yourself on the forehead and then think, “Well why didn’t they just tell me that in the first place? Why do they always make this stuff so complicated!”

Our goal is to breakdown the important concepts of nursing, and break them down into something easier to grasp. Most of all, these lessons will help you to provide the level of care your patients expect and deserve. Please enjoy these books. Let us know what you think. Have we hit the right level of simplicity?

Fundamental Information

These short books and pamphlets are based on practical teaching and learning experiences. These are the basics, the right information to get you started with confidence, and then get you through the tests and certifications we all face.

Bite-Sized Chunks

We’ve tried to serve up the information in bite-sized chunks to aid in digestion.

Understandable Language

Written in plain English, not textbook-speak to ensure the concepts hit home.

Silly Cartoons

Illustrated with simple (and sometimes silly) cartoons to boost your understanding.

They are so simple they make you wonder what was so difficult to understand in the first place. No nonsense, no frills, and to the point. What other books do you have?

I believe your books are some of the best I have reviewed in my 27 years in nursing. They deliver complex information in conversational language that keeps learning effective but makes it fun and easy.

I hope nurses at all levels will buy and work through your publications. I especially like “Drug Calculations for Nurses Who Hate Numbers” because it removes the struggle from so many calculations whether one is a student or has achieved years of practice.

Thank you for sending me your drug calculations book. I believe it will be quite helpful. My test is in three days! My daughter is starting the metric system in school and asked if she could use it.

PS: I should be the president of Nurses Who Hate Numbers!

I am a 43 year-old nursing student. I have recently seen a copy of your book on Drug Calculations and to me it is the greatest thing since “sliced bread!” Your book has made it easy for me to understand. Thank you for a great book!

Enclosed please find a check for three copies of your math book entitled “Drug Calculations for Nurses Who Hate Numbers.” One of my classmates ordered your book and most of us are very impressed by it so please ship my three copies as soon as you can. Thank you very much!

PS: Our math instructor really loved the book. We need all the help we can get…but you already know that.

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